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Disposal of Unwanted Items Made Easy

Donations! Russell’s Moving & Storage, Inc. is here to help relieve you of unwanted articles! We understand the challenges involved with coordinating donation pick-ups. That’s why Russell’s Moving & Storage, Inc. will support you by collecting any donation items from your home! 

How can Russell’s Moving & Storage, Inc. support you? Russell’s Moving and Storage, Inc. collects any donation items from your home and holds them in our facility for weekly pick-up by The Salvation Army.

Two for one! All articles will be picked up at the time of your move! Russell’s Moving and Storage, Inc. will provide you with bright-colored donation labels to place on your unwanted items. This will ensure proper listing and handling of items.

Why consider using The Salvation Army? The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization, founded in 1865. Their mission is to meet human needs across the globe in the Lord’s name without discrimination. The Salvation Army helps neighboring communities with

  • Overcoming poverty
  • Curing hunger
  • Serving veterans
  • Supplying shelters
  • Supporting natural disasters
  • Providing employment opportunities
  • Guiding prisoners, addicts, and women

Advantages of Donating items to The Salvation Army!

Not only are you helping make the world a better place, but you are also receiving tax deduction benefits for donating! At the time of item pick-up from your home, you will receive a receipt upon request. The Salvation Army will also email you a receipt after every pick-up from Russell’s Moving and Storage, Inc.

Russell’s Moving and Storage, Inc. would like to personally thank you for making a change in your community. We wish everyone a blessed and happy life!

“Making the world a better place one move at a time!”- Russell’s Moving & Storage Inc. 

*Russells Moving & Storage does not receive any profits or tax deductions for your donations.

Below is an example of the receipt you will receive for your donation: