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As one of the moving boxes has to offer we have seen and heard it all! We understand that everyone is on a budget and sometimes it can seem like a good idea to try and move everything yourself. However, in the long-term this usually ends up taking longer and items get broken. Not to mention the amount of time and stress you have placed on yourself. Below are a few of the common mistakes people make when trying to take on the impossible themselves.

  1. Not getting enough supplies: Trying to skimp on the supplies in the beginning is a common mistake! Many homeowners buy the bare minimums and try to make it work only to end up back at the store 3-4 or more times! 
  2. Not packing properly: Coupled with not getting enough supplies is not packing properly. If you don’t have the correct supplies you will never be able to properly pack your belongings. This can lead to unfortunate damages.
  3. Not labeling: Forgetting to label your boxes can be extremely frustrating. You end up with dozens of boxes and have no idea where they belong without opening them all up and unpacking in the incorrect rooms.
  4. Wrong size truck: Renting the wrong size truck can be extremely frustrating particularly if you have rented much too small for your size home. People often have many more belongings than they realize and underestimate the size truck that they will need. This leads to quite the dilemma the day of the move.

To avoid all of these problems all you have to do is hire one of best moving companies Los Angeles has to offer. Here at Russell’s, we have the capability to support you every step of your move and are happy to make last minute adjustments. We understand moving is a fluid operation and we can accommodate all of your needs.