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Whether you are going to be moving to another state or to a different country, packing for a long distance move is an extensive process. Not only will you be getting used to the climate, culture, and perhaps even new language, you will have to decide what of your old items will continue to serve you in your new home and how you will get them there. Here are a few tips to help you plan for your long distance move. 


Insurance- Especially when you are going to be moving over the course of several days, things can unfortunately happen in the moving truck. Having insurance is a stress reliever in the long run. Make sure to choose a moving company that has experience doing cross country moves to hopefully eliminate some of the stress of packing up your grandma’s dining room table for the big move. 


Mark your boxes- You have probably gotten into the habit of labeling all your moving boxes with which room they belong to and perhaps even the contents inside. Additionally, you should clearly mark your box with your last name or another identifier in case they end up moving items from truck to truck. If you have fragile items label those as well or maybe make the box a different color to make it even more clear. 


The Delivery Window- Always be sure to carefully read what the delivery window will be and pack your essentials bag (which should stay with you) with whatever you will need to cover that time period. If you are moving into an apartment complex, be sure to speak to the building manager about using the elevator or stairs when it comes to moving in. 


Declutter- Always try to donate or get rid of items that are bulky, cheap, or just don’t have a place in your life anymore. These items will take up valuable space in your moving truck. As you pack, you should be decluttering and bringing items to the second hand shop as you go. This will clear out space in your home and make it so you aren’t making a million trips on move out day. 


If you are moving to California, our relocation company in Los Angeles can help you move your items to your new home. If you need a place to put your larger items until you have space for them, our Westlake Village storage company is the perfect solution. Contact us today about moving cross country or in state.