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Just like how you will need to adjust to your new home, so will your dog. Here are a few tips to help you during the entire moving process to hopefully make it a bit easier for both you and your pet. 

Update Info- A few weeks out from your move, be sure to talk to your vet about getting a copy of your dog’s records so that when you find a new vet, they can start to build your file. Have an updated collar for your dog ready to be put on once you start moving so that if they were to get lost, they can be brought to your new home. If they are microchipped, be sure to update it with your new address. 

Packing- Although you may be tempted to just get your dog new toys upon arrival, letting them keep their old toys and bringing them with you will provide a sense of normalcy once you arrive at your new home. During packing, also make sure to have a space that your dog can stay in that is away from all the packing materials so as to not stress them out. Have a friend take your dog out for the day or even overnight giving you time to pack away any of the larger items.

Stop and Walk- Make that when you are driving to your new home that you stop to let your dog get out, stretch and go to the bathroom. This will help them to feel better during the drive and also provide you with an excuse to get out and stretch your legs. Walking around the area a bit will also open your dog up to new smells that they will feel better about exploring because you are there with them. 

Regular Routine- When you finally arrive in your new house, make sure to set up the space for your dog first, making it as identical to their old set up as possible (maybe take a picture before you pack up their space). Then, make sure to give them their toys and a treat to help them settle. Try to keep the time you would go for a walk the same as well as meal times to establish both a new pattern and the association that the space they are in is a safe one. 

Throughout your entire moving process, be sure to take lots of breaks to give your dog attention. From belly rubs to throwing a tennis ball around in the backyard, your furry friend will appreciate it. When you are looking for a Pasadena moving company, we have the right team to help you pack and move your home. We also offer storage in Agoura Hills and ask about our climate controlled facility.