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Most buyers, before purchasing a home, will want to hire someone to inspect the property before they move in. This is just common sense. So, as a seller you have to ask yourself if you should try to beat them to the punch so to speak. The answer, according to many real estate professionals, is a resounding yes. In fact, pre-listing home inspections have quickly become the norm for a number of very good reasons. Let’s take a look at five of them.

  • It allows the seller to make repairs before listing the home: Knowing which defects your home might have and which repairs you must make to it helps to give you more leverage when it comes to putting your home on the market. Further, a qualified home inspector may even be able to suggest needed repairs that will not be too costly.
  • It helps expedite the transaction: According to the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI), sellers may be able to get buyers to waive their own inspection by showing them a copy of their pre-listing certificate. This can make the transaction go smoother and quicker.
  • It will help justify your asking price: As we said, many buyers nowadays insist on having their own inspection done. This is in part to find out if there are any serious flaws with the home. It is also done to strengthen the buyer’s offer. Since this is the case, having your own inspection done first in order to strengthen your position as a seller just makes sense. If your inspection goes through with flying colors, you will be in a better position to fight back against a lowball offer from the buyer.
  • It saves the seller money: Buyers who have an inspection conducted on a home often inflate the cost of repairs that may be found. By hiring someone to inspect your home you have a chance to save money by either doing the repairs yourself or by negotiating with the buyer. (He or she may be willing to live with the “defect” as it is.)
  • It provides a feeling of confidence to potential buyers: By providing them with a clean inspection from a reputable home inspection company, buyers will be able to see that you are negotiating in good faith. This will increase their confidence in you and help make the transaction smoother and more efficient.

In short, sellers should look at every means of facilitating a sale that they can. An inspection by a certified inspector is not a waste of time. It is a valuable tool you can use to get the best price for your home. Like certified home inspectors, we can expedite the moving process with our services. Our moving company in Agoura Hills makes the relocation process fast and reliable. We also have a storage and delivery service in Los Angeles that is equally dependable.