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In this DIY culture of ours, it can be quite tempting to forgo the services of a professional moving service in favor of going it on your own. After all, nearly everywhere you search online someone is giving you advice on how to do everything by yourself from making clothes to publishing books to changing the transmission in your car. So why not attempt to move on your own and possibly save money? Well, the answer is simple: when it comes to moving your precious items even small mistakes can cost you time and money. Sometimes the cost of damaging or losing an item is greater than the cost of employing a relocation company Los in Angeles. Here are 5mistakes that self-movers commonly make.

  • They overestimate how much money they will save on their own: There are many hidden costs associated with moving that first time movers may not know. These costs include: packing supplies, moving equipment, additional moving insurance, road tolls and taxes, fuel, food and lodging on the road, possible fuel surcharge and cleaning charges. When you hire professional movers you can all but eliminate the costs of personal injuries and damaged items. Moreover, our movers know how items should be organized and stacked to avoid these dangers.
  • They rent the wrong size truck: Choosing the right size truck is a crucial part of any move. DIYers often choose trucks that are too small. This means they are forced to make multiple trips. On the other hand, renting a truck that is too large can be a waste of money and can end up increasing the chances than an item will be thrown around and damaged by the trip. Our Calabasas moving and storage company has trucks of all sizes and can help you choose just the right vehicle for the job.
  • They don’t have the proper tools: DIYers can sometimes forget vital equipment they may need for the move such as furniture pads, dollies, etc. You can save money by not renting these items but at the costs of potentially damaging your precious furnishings. Our movers have all the essentials needed to transport your belongings safely.
  • They underestimate how complex moving can be: There are a lot of moving parts involved in any relocation. Moving takes a lot of time and energy not to mention planning and hard work. Professionals are trained to be able to handle the complexities of and complications that are involved with moving.
  • They assume that their friends will help them: Moves are made a lot easier when friends and relatives lend a hand. Unfortunately, DIYers can wrongly assume that their friends and relatives will be available when needed. Professional movers will be there when they are needed for as long as necessary.movers

Finally, while it is okay to DIY some things, there comes a point when professionals must be used. Our movers have the experience that it takes to avoid these common errors and are committed to making your relocation go smoothly.