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Moving can be a chore no matter how old you are. However, as we get older it gets more difficult as do a great many other things in our senior years. Yes, seniors are still tasked with this chore as they downsize to a smaller house or apartment as offspring move out etc. In order to keep these tasks from becoming overwhelming, we have compiled a list of our top 5 moving tips for seniors.

  • Start with a floor plan of your new space: This will tell you how big the job ahead of you will be by giving you some idea of where everything will go in your new home.
  • Reduce the amount of belongings you have to move: Several weeks or even months before you plan to move, start disposing of unwanted items. You can do this by selling, giving away or placing these items into storage. Our Beverly Hills storage company can safely store your belongings as you make the transition to your new home.
  • Get help! Even for people in the peak of health and in the prime of their lives, moving can be emotionally, physically and mentally stressful. As we age, this amount of exertion can be harmful to our health and even fatal. Seek out professional moving services when you are about to transition to a new home or apartment. Our company is one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles and can handle any size move with ease.
  • Prepare for the emotional side of moving: We’ve talked some about the physical toll moving can take on people, but there is often an emotional toll to consider as well. The longer we live in a particular place the more we become attached to it, the people there, the sights, etc. Know that you may become sad or even depressed upon leaving your old residence and that if this sadness becomes too great there are resources you can use to help out. These resources include relatives and counseling.seniors
  • Get settled in your new home: In order to help fight the sadness of moving that we just referred to, try to get settled into your new home quickly. Do this by meeting your new neighbors, establishing new routines, exploring the community, etc. You may find that your new home and neighborhood are far superior from the place from which you just moved.

Whether you are moving your household across town or mere blocks away, these tips will make it a bit more manageable for you.