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If you are embarking on a new move in your future, you may be starting to think about
your larger items and how they will follow you to your new home. Typically, the longer the
move the more difficult it is to move these items. The longer the distance the greater chance of
something getting damaged. Here at Russell’s Moving we are experienced in designers delivery
service Los Angeles and have moved even the most difficult of items more times than we can
count. Below are a few of the most difficult items you may have in your home that you need
assistance relocating.
 Fish Tanks: Relocating a fish tank is stressful on you and your fish. Fish do not want to
move to a new home and are content right where they are. Do what you can to help
maintain their same environment. Move your fish to a small, more manageable
container that you can physically move them in. The tank itself, depending on size, will
be heavy and fragile so you will want an experienced moving team to assist you. Once
the tank is set-up in your new home you will want to get your fish re-established in their
home as quickly as possible.
 Pianos: Pianos are an awkward shape and extremely delicate. Most pianos can become
damaged very quickly if you do not handle with care.
 Artwork: Artwork can be difficult to move as many pieces are quite valuable. If you are
doing a long-distance move, you will want to take extra care to ensure it does not get
scratched or damaged in any way.
 Houseplants: Houseplants are sensitive to moving as they literally sit in loose dirt. Plants
are sensitive to temperature changes and must be kept in specific containers.
 Televisions: Modern day televisions are very delicate and more prone to breaking than
older models.
If you need designers delivery service Los Angeles or any difficult items moved, you can rest
assured that Russell’s team is here to help support you every step of the way.

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