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In a previous post, we listed some of the advantages of moving during the off-season – those months following the summer. Well, moving during the holiday season is another thing completely. Done the wrong way and it can add more stress to an already hectic task. So, to ensure that your upcoming relocation is merry and bright, we present 5 tips for moving during “the most wonderful time of the year.”

  • Complete your change of address notification early: Christmas and New Year’s are busy times for nearly everyone and this includes the postal workers. Holiday cards and letters can back up the mail as billions of letters are sent out over the holiday season. Therefore, it is a good idea to notify the companies you do business with, your friends and others about your change of address before the mail slows down as it traditionally does this time of year.
  • Start setting aside funds for your move months in advance: Christmas is the time of miracles but it is also a time when budgets are stretched to the max. In order to avoid hitting a snag with your budget, start setting aside money as soon as you have a moving date. This way you will be able to have enough money to purchase packing materials, labor, and miscellaneous fees and still be able holidayto buy presents and decorations.
  • Consider donating your used goods: Christmas is also a time to consider the less fortunate among us. You can help the needy during this time of year by de-cluttering your home and donating to charities such as Goodwill, Disable American Vets (DAV) and the Salvation Army to name just a few worthwhile organizations. Just remember to save your receipts for tax time.

  • Address your children’s needs:
    If you have young children leave some of their favorite toys and games unpacked so that they can keep themselves busy during the move. You may also wish to let them know that Santa will find them no matter where they are – just as long as they have been good boys and/or girls.
  • Pack your decorations: We suggest that you pack your Xmas decorations in separate, easily identifiable boxes prior to moving. This way you will be able to set them up at your new location and not miss out on the Yule Tide spirit. Just be careful of delicate items such as lights and glass/crystal ornaments as they break easily.
  • Hire a moving company: One way to alleviate much of the stress associated with moving and with the holiday season is to hire professional movers. Our storage and delivery service in Los Angeles has experience moving people under all kinds of circumstances.

Our customers are greatly relieved when our Beverly Hills moving company helps them to eliminate the inconvenience and stress from their move. We do so all year long. Happy Holidays from the folks at Russell’s Moving and Storage.