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Whether it’s a cross-country or cross-town journey, all relocations come with their own set of stresses that can sometimes make even the most in control person want to scream. There are a million things to do and to think of leading up to and including moving day itself. One thing that helps reduce the stress of moving day the most is being prepared for the arrival of our professional movers in Burbank. When our movers arrive the task of moving becomes something of a partnership. Customers and professional movers must work together in order to contribute to a seamless move. To make your move easier, quicker and less stressful, we’ve included five ways you can prepare for our movers before they arrive on the big day.

  • Rid your home of useless items: It makes no sense to pay to have things moved to your new home that you will never use. Moreover, the total weight of the items you plan to move helps determine our fees. Thus, you can save money and make it easier on our crews by ridding your home of these items before our people arrive. In the weeks leading up to your move consider having a moving sell or placing items in storage. (We also have Beverly Hills storage)
  • Know what can and can’t be packed and place these items aside: Hazardous items such as chemicals, oils, cleaning fluids, etc., are just a few items that professional movers will not handle for liability and safety reasons. Other items include things like cash, important papers, photographs, pets, food and medicine.

·         Prepare a place for movers to park: Work out well in advance of their arrival where you wish our movers to park in order to make it easier on them and you. Our movers must be able to quickly and easily park and move their trucks in a manner that does not needlessly obstruct others.moving day

  • Create an inventory: Create an itemized checklist of every item you will be moving and have it handy at all times. You will need this list if you ever need to check for missing or damaged items. You will also wish to keep a list for insurance purposes. You can create a list with pen-and-paper (old school) or you can do so by using one of the many mobile apps that are available for this purpose.
  • Plan for pets and kids: We recommend that you make arrangements for the care of very small kids and pets. Both can, in their own way, make moving more hectic and even dangerous for our movers. Consider hiring a pet or babysitter and placing pets and children in a separate room until everyone is ready to leave.

In short, waiting for the last minute to do these things will only make your move costlier, more time consuming and more stressful. Our goal is and your goal should be to make the entire process orderly and efficient.