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We have talked a lot about decluttering before a move but have yet to really go into what items yours should leave behind. Ideally, any items that can have a second life should be given the chance to do so. This includes clothing, appliances, furniture, and more. However, some items will just need to be tossed. Here are a few things that you should not take with you to your new home .


Clothes- Those shoes that pinch your feet but you keep them in your closet anyway are a perfect example of an item that should be donated. Any clothes or shoes that do not fit, you don’t wear, or that have holes can be sorted accordingly. They take up lots of space during packing which is unnecessary. 


Bathroom Clean Out- Expired medications, vitamins, make up, and more should all be safely disposed of. We collect a lot of clutter in our bathrooms that does not need to make the move. Buy new shampoo, conditioner etc when you get there. 


Tupperware- We know all about the drawer that is full of mismatched, stained, slightly melted Tupperware. Now is the time to let it go. 


Board games, puzzles, toys- Especially over the pandemic, many of us have acquired puzzles and games. Think about what your family actually enjoys playing and donate what they don’t. Donate puzzles to senior centers or retirement homes but if they have missing pieces, they should probably just get thrown away. Old toys that are no longer age relevant or not played with can magically disappear (donate!) during the move.


Garage clutter- Dusty exercise equipment, furniture from college, and more has been sitting in the garage unused. Don’t take it with you just to put it in a new garage and collect dust. 


Maximizing your space in your moving truck will only save you time and money. Take the time to declutter now and understand that you will likely get rid of a few more things once you start unpacking. Our Calabasas moving and storage team is friendly and will help you with what you need. If you are looking for a Los Angeles moving and storage company, we hope that you will consider us.