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In a perfect world, the new home or apartment that you are moving into will have been cleaned thoroughly by conscientious tenants or homeowners. But we all know this is not a perfect world. Prior residents sometimes forget the little courtesies in life like such as helping to make the next person’s move easier and more sanitary. As one of the top movers in Burbank, we know that you will want to make sure that your apartment or home is spotless when relocating to your new residence. Thus, we offer you the following tips on making your apartment or home spotless before the new residents move in.

  • Gather cleaning supplies: The first thing you should do now that all your furniture has been relocated is to gather together the proper cleaning supplies. Be sure to have on hand, disinfectants, glass cleaner, mops, brooms, dusting spray, paper towels, a dustpan, trashcan, sponges, trash bags, etc. Gather these supplies together and begin to develop a room by room plan to clean the entire house/apartment.
  • Start with the kitchen: Study after study has concluded that the kitchen is the dirtiest part of any home (as disturbing as that may be). Go over the stove, oven, microwave, fridge, sink and disposal with the appropriate cleaner. Finally, do not forget the floor and walls.
  • Clean the bathroom: A plethora of nasty germs are known to inhabit the bathrooms of even the cleanest homes. However, don’t let that deter you from sanitizing the toilet, sink, bathtub and shower before you leave. Finally, clean the floors and tiles of mildew etc.moving
  • Clean all floors: As you move from room to room, don’t forget to clean the floors thoroughly. Be particularly mindful of high traffic areas that may be hiding dirt and other contaminants brought in from the outside.
  • Consider using professional cleaners: If the task of cleaning up before you leave your old residence seems too formidable, consider hiring an apartment or house cleaning service. Don’t leave the house or apartment in disarray.

To sum up, no one wants to move into an apartment or house only to have to clean up after the prior residents. There are far too many tasks involved in moving in or out of a home or apartment to have to worry about this. Moreover, consider how you would feel if, when you reached your new home, you found dirt, grime and other surprises all throughout the house. Our designer’s delivery service in Los Angeles can make the entire moving process seamless and cost effective.