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Most homeowners probably recoil in horror at the very thought of damaging their pristine, hardwood floors. People who are moving are especially at risk of this kind of expensive damage. However, by taking the proper precautions you can prevent your hardwood floors from suffering this fate. Use these five tips, from the experts at Russell’s Moving and Storage, to help avoid the wood flooring repair process and save money.

  • Don’t slide your furniture when moving: Try not to slide your refrigerator, dressers or other heavy objects across the floor when moving. For heavy items like this try using felt pads to protect your hardwood floors. You want to keep things nice for the new owner and make things neat and tidy for your new home.
  • Be cautious in bad weather: Mud and rain can both damage your hardwood floors by depositing debris that can leave scratches. Therefore, a simple fix is to keep a large, heavy-duty mat at the front door for people to wipe their shoes on before walking in and out of your home.
  • Measure beforehand: By trying to squeeze an object into an entrance that is too small, you can damage your hardwood floors. Therefore, take the time to measure larger objects and compare them to the size of the entrances you will be taking them through.
  • Hire movers with the right equipment: Most movers have experience working around hardwood floors. This means that the right movers will usually bring with them the equipment required to prevent damage to your floors.
  • Cover your floors: Use runners and other coverings to prevent dents, scrapes, and scratches to your hardwood floors. There are many different kinds of covering you can use made of vinyl, rubber, etc. They are usually easy to find, inexpensive and can give you greater peace of mind when moving. 

Now that you know the rules of hardwood floor protection during a move, it’s time to hire movers who can actually help you keep them in pristine condition. Contact our relocation company Los Angeles today to set up your move with professionals who are efficient, friendly and know how to prevent hardwood floor damage. Our movers in Burbank are committed to protecting all your belongings.