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Whenever a person moves from one location to another they are by definition venturing out into the unknown. This can be exciting as it opens up new possibilities and challenges. However, it can also be a bit scary since everything around you – except for your family – is bound to feel a bit alien. Here are 6 tried and true ways to adjust after a big move that will make your new house, townhome, or apartment feel safe and homey.

  • Fill your new home with personal touches: Photos of loved ones, personal artwork and even those refrigerator drawings made by your children can go a long way towards making your new home feel warmer. Hang these up right away if you begin to feel “homesick” after relocating.
  • Keep your mind open to new experiences: As we said from the onset, one of the exciting things about moving to a new neighborhood is that it presents people with an endless set of opportunities and challenges. If you look at your move this way, it will become a lot easier to make the transition.
  • Explore: Do a walk around of not only your new home but your new neighborhood as well. Also, take whatever downtime you may have after your move to take a virtual tour of the city and its amenities.
  • Meet the neighbors: Get to know your new neighbors and ask them for tips about the city. Although this can be a bit intimidating at first, remember that even your current friends started out being strangers too.
  • Be patient: Finally, know that adjusting to your new home is likely to take time. Therefore, until you have adjusted, use the support of family, friends and colleagues to help you make the transition. Eventually, you will start to feel just as comfortable in your new home as you did in your old one. living room

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