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As we stated in a prior post, one of the best ways to get used to your new home is by getting to know your neighbors. We know this can be a bit intimidating especially if you are the bashful type. However, forging these new relationships can make your new life much easier and even safer as neighbors can often be your eyes and ears when you are not home. Thus, here are a few ideas for how to break the ice with your new neighbors.

  • Spend time outside: Read a book on your porch, take a walk around the neighborhood or wash your car. Each of these activities is bound to peak the curiosity of neighbors. Many of your friendlier/more curious neighbors may even approach you.
  • Say hello: It can be just that simple especially if you are the outgoing type. Smile, be pleasant and introduce yourself to your new neighbors and you may see just how many relate to your situation of being the new family on the block.
  • Consider throwing a housewarming party: Housewarming parties are an excellent way to meet new neighbors and at the same time reconnect with old friends. Invite your new neighbors, especially those you have already broken the ice with, over to tour your new home, play games and enjoy some refreshments.
  • Visit community events: A good way to meet neighbors and to find like minded individuals for your cause or interests is by attending local events. You can often find these events by stopping by local businesses and by taking note of events listed on their bulletin boards.
  • Ask your neighbors for advice: Most people enjoy being helpful and sharing their knowledge with others. If you are looking for a new gym to join, for example, you could ask a neighbor you see jogging by you for their recommendation. Or, if you are working on your car, you could ask a neighbor about which repair shops in the area are reliable. The possibilities are really endless. neighbors

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