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Most pets – dog in particular- are creatures of habit. Thus, when their owners undergo life changing events such a major relocation, it can be rather startling to them. Because we know you will want to relieve some of the stress that comes with moving for you and your animal friends, we have gathered these expert tips to help you and your pets before, during, and after your relocation.

  • Become familiar with pet rules and regulations: This is especially important if you are moving into an apartment complex or a condominium. Rules may vary in some residences from a prohibition of cats and dogs to requirements that records of additional vaccinations, medications or certain certificates be submitted before you are allowed to move in.
  • Animal-proof your new home: You may have gone through the trouble of pet-proofing your old home but your new home is bound to be different. There may be dangers there that can impact your pet. Thus, make sure that you go through every room in the house and animal proof it appropriately.
  • Visit your vet: Your vet may have suggestions that will further keep your pet happy and safe during your move. For example, he/she may suggest that your pet receive a microchip to help locate it in the event it becomes lost during the move.
  • Prepare an overnight kit: Prepare an overnight kit and pack it with dog food, kitty litter, toys and other supplies that will help you care for your pet during the first few days of your relocation. These familiar items will also help ease their stress and confusion with being in a new place.pets
  • Keep your pets away from movers: For the safety of your pet and our movers, leave your dog with a friend or in a kennel for the day. Or at the very least, keep them in a carrier until you have arrived at your destination.
  • Keep them safe in the car: Transport your pet in your personal vehicle and make sure they are properly restrained to prevent distractions that can lead to an accident. You should not release your pet until you reach your new home.

Your first priority as a pet owner is to keep your pet happy and safe. You can do so by following these easy tips and by letting us remove some of the stress that comes with moving. Our Beverly Hills storage company is secure and convenient. Also, our full service moving in Los Angeles provides top notch services.