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There are two great things about pre-moving sales. One is that they help to raise money which can be used to defray the cost of moving. The other is that they present an excellent opportunity to get rid of things that are of no value to you but may be of great use to others. (One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.) At Russell’s Moving and Storage we realize that you not will be taking everything with you on your move nor will you be placing all items that you don’t use in storage right way. Therefore, we would like to help you with this All American tradition known as the moving sale. Here are the best 6 tips we have for having a wildly successful and very profitable pre-move sale.

  • Advertise your moving sale: Don’t restrict your moving sale to within your own neighborhood. Try branching out in order to reach the greatest number of potential buyers. Search for free advertising sources such as your community newspaper. You may also wish to invest a bit of money and advertise with larger papers and outlets that charge a nominal advertising fee.

·         Check with the local authorities: In most cases you should have no problem holding a moving sale, but you never know. Some municipalities may require you to have a special permit to hold such an event. Check with your local city government just to play it safe.

  • Team up with friends and neighbors: Organizing a successful moving sale takes a lot of work and organization. In order to keep from being overwhelmed, try asking friends and neighbors to help you plan and organize your sale. Or you may even try asking them if you can combine a yard sale they may be having with yours. This way everyone wins.
  • Organize smartly: Make sure that your items are not displayed in a haphazard fashion. This will make it easier for potential buyers to find what they are looking for without spending too much time going over things that do not interest them. Also, spread items out so that people can easily walk around and browse.
  • Be open to haggling: Valuation can be a trick thing. Don’t be so set on a specific price for your items that you miss an offer that may be very close to your asking price. Also, consider creating special prices for bulk items or items that are slightly damaged.
  • Have refreshments on hand: Create a warm atmosphere for your sale by selling drinks, snacks, and/or baked goods. moving sale

Finally, after your sale is over you may still have some things that you do not want to throw away but will not be adorning your new home. If this becomes the case, use our Los Angeles moving and storage company to securely store your items. Russell’s Moving and Storage also offers designer services in Los Angeles.