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Moving into a new home is a wonderful reason to celebrate with friends. However, this time can also put into clear focus just how many things you may need in order to make life in your new home comfortable. Thus, if you have friends who have recently moved into a new home or you wish to throw a few hints about what you would like to have as a housewarming gift, here are a few suggestions (Most of them are practical).


  • A tool kit: Everyone needs a basic set of tools such as measuring tape, a wrench, screwdriver, flashlight, etc. This is all the more important when moving into a new home. There are often little problems that arise which may need a quick DIY solution.
  • A welcome mat: Many new homeowners don’t immediately think of getting a welcome mat right away. This fact makes a welcome mat a perfect gift idea. Moreover, you can go with something simple or get as classy as you like when choosing out a nice mat.
  • A lawnmower: Sound strange? Well, if you have a friend or family member who has just moved from an apartment to a home, then this is the kind of gift that will be imminently practical.
  • A gift certificate for a massage: No one knows better than our movers how strenuous moving can be. Even after the professionals at our Pasadena moving and storage company have transported your belongings to your new home, you still face the chore of unpacking and moving items from room. Help a friend who has recently moved relax after his/her journey by getting them a certificate for a massage at a nearby spa.
  • A bottle of wine or spirits: You or your friends may just want to kick back with a nice glass of something strong after a long day of unpacking. A bottle of champagne could be just the capper to a long day of hard toil. Just be sure to bring some paper cups as your friends may not have had time to unpack the good glassware.housewarming gifts

·         A fire extinguisher: Okay, this is not a glamorous gift but it is practical. Moreover, many homes sadly do not have a fire extinguisher in them so you will probably not have to worry about yours being one many units that they already own. Just be sure that the extinguisher you buy is certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

  • A cookbook: A new kitchen may just inspire some new homeowners to expand their cooking repertoire.

That’s it. Those are just a few ideas for housewarming gifts. You can either go practical or fancy when picking out what gifts to give to your friends. If you are planning a move yourself please consider our Moving company in Agoura Hills.