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Bubble wrap is one of the most useful packing materials ever. And nearly every move includes the use of yards and yards of this versatile item. However, because it is so useful – and let’s face it fun to have around – many people are reluctant to simply throw it out after they move. Well, as it turns out you don’t have to. There are many uses for all that leftover bubble wrap (apart from simple popping it for fun). Here are just a few.

  • Donate for recycling: Perhaps you are not particularly inclined to keep extra bubble wrap around despite how much fun it may be for the kids to play with. In this case, why not donate it for recycling? UPS has theirEco Responsible Packaging Program” that you can donate used bubble wrap to. They will make sure that your intact bubble wrap is put to use again.
  • Use it for insulation: Bubble wrap makes excellent insulation material for windows. Even in the Burbank area, heat loss can occur at night due to old, poorly insulated windows. Simply tape your excess bubble wrap to the inside of your windows and at night you will have an added layer of protection against the cold and the rain.
  • Pad your wire hangers: We all know that wire hangers often produce unsightly creases in clothing. To prevent this, place a sheet of bubble wrap around your wire hangers. Secure this sheet with tape and there you have it – an instant DIY solution to unsightly creases.
  • Use it to protect produce: Line the crisper of the refrigerator with bubble wrap to prevent fruits and veggies from becoming bruised.
  • Use it to keep food cold: Wrap bubble wrap around cold items such as soft-drinks, chilled picnic foods, etc in order to protect them from the heat of hot summer days. This will act as a kind of DIY cooler.
  • Use it to protect patio plants: Some plants are susceptible to night time drops in temperature. Warp your outdoor plant containers with bubble wrap and secure this wrap with duct tape in order to keep the soil warm.
  • Store it! Bubble wrap requires relatively little storage space so why not store it for when you move again? Simple put away your most intact pieces in a closet somewhere and forget about it until you need it again.bubble wrap

As you can see there are many uses for leftover bubble wrap. These are just a few. It also makes good crafting material. As movers in Burbank, we know how useful this material can be. Our Beverly Hills moving company uses wrap to protect the possessions of our clients. We also provide our customers with experienced professionals who handle your belongings with the same care as it were their own.