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Once you arrive to your new home it can often be overwhelming on where to begin to unpack. You have unlikely given much thought as to how you plan to organize each room and how you want each room to practically function for your family. Every home is very different and it will likely change the dynamic of how your home flows and therefore where things go. Below are a few tips to help you in this big life transition as you begin to unpack.


  1. Start with the necessities: There are likely many things you have that you do not regularly use. Start by only unpacking and putting into place the items that you actually use regularly. This way you not only have easy access to these items but it will allow you to test out where you truckwant these items to go in your new home. 
  2. Make a plan for each room: It is helpful if you write out a list of how you plan to use each room and what items that room should contain. An example would be if you plan to use your loft as a game room you may want your sofa, TV, gaming console, etc. to be brought to this room. Planning ahead can help eliminate rearranging furniture and boxes after you get settled. 
  3. Let the kids participate: It can be comforting for a child to arrange their room the way that feels best to them. Children often have little control over a big move and this allows them to take back some of that control. Also, it is one less room for all of the adults to unpack!

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