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Amidst the confusion and chaos of moving, it is quite common for people to sometimes forget things they should have done or objects they should have brought along with them. At Russell’s Moving and Storage we frequently hear tales of our customers misplacing and forgetting things. And although it is human to forget things at times, this is of little consolation when that forgotten item or task is something that is vital to you and your family. So, whether you’re moving a mile away or to the other side town, check out these 7 common things that many of us forget during the moving process.

  • Personal records – Some of the most important items to bring along with any move – and some of the most easily forgotten – are things such as dental records, medical records, veterinarian records, and birth certificates. These kinds of items are easy to forget because we do not use them on a regular basis and usually have them hidden away someplace in the home. So even though it may take some time to gather them together before you move, it is always well worth the effort to locate these items and to pack them before moving.
  • Library books – Another commonly forgotten item, library books can sometimes find themselves in all parts of the home not just in the bookcase. Be sure to return any library books that are due as fines can quickly accumulate.
  • Household plants – Plants can quickly wither away and die without regular tending and are quite easy to forget amidst the turmoil of moving.
  • Medications – Forgetting this important item can sometimes lead to a disaster. Nevertheless, someone people forget to go through their medicine cabinet or other place they keep their scripts priors to moving.
  • Labeling all packed boxes – When it comes to moving, labels are invaluable. They help you to better organize your move from start to finish. And while even we admit that labeling every box can be a bit tedious, it too is worth the effort.books
  • Redirecting the mailIf you arrive at your new home weeks and even months later and begin to notice that vital pieces of mail are not arriving there you needn’t guess why – you probably forgot to notify the post office to forward your mail. You can find all the information you need to do so here.
  • Gardening Tools – You may be so concerned that you have packed all the belongings inside your home that you forget the ones that are typically located outside your home. Garden tools are commonly forgotten by people who are moving. Be sure to go around the outside of your home prior to move. Also, be sure to return borrowed lawnmowers, hoses, etc. to neighbors.

Of course, there are many other things that can be forgotten when moving a lifetime’s worth of possessions to another part of town. Our Thousand Oaks moving and storage company would like to help you make the process less confusing by offering you our designer’s delivery service Los in Angeles. We would also like to suggest that you make a checklist and refer to it often as a way to keep from forgetting vital objects and tasks.