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You’ve finally done it all. You’ve moved into your new home, unpacked all the boxes and taken care of the many others things there are to do before, during and after a big move. But something is missing. That something may be the opportunity to welcome new and old friends to your new home in a warm and relaxing setting. In others words, it’s time to host a housewarming party. If you have never thrown a housewarming party before, here are some tips for hosting the perfect party.

  • Prepare a guest list: Be sure to include on your list all friends, family and co-workers you wish to invite to your new home. However, make sure that you have enough space, food, etc., available to make the gathering a comfortable one.
  • Send out invitations: Be sure to send out invitations at least 2 weeks ahead of your party. Knowing who will attend will help you plan the food, drinks and other logistics of the party.
  • Plan the music: Music is essential to nearly every kind of gathering. Make sure that you choose music that is in line with your guests’ musical taste. If those tastes vary try selecting instrumental music.
  • Mingle with everyone: Be sure to interact with all guests at your party and to introduce those guests to other party-goers. This will help prevent lulls in the conversation that can be party killers.
  • Plan a menu to remember: Another key component to any party is food. You do not have to prepare a feast fit for a king but you should at least have drinks and finger foods on hand so that people can eat in one location and carry their food around easily.
  • Offer guests a tour of your home: Take the opportunity to showcase your new home by taking guests on guided tours. Just be sure to clean thoroughly and to shut off your pets from people who may be uncomfortable around them.housewarming party

Of course, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself and to make sure that your guests do as well. You will be able to tell almost immediately if everyone is having a good time which should always be your goal. Our designer’s delivery service in Los Angeles can help you by making the transition easier than it would be if you chose to DIY your move. Our relocation company in Los Angeles is ready to remove the stress of your moving day.