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The fear of relocating is a real and devastating problem for some people. Further, this anxiety over moving goes beyond the fear of contracting COVID19 while moving. As hard as it might be to believe, there are tens of thousands of people who suffer from the fear of moving, or tropophobia. Indeed, it is a very real, diagnosable disorder that left unchecked can have devastating on a person.

For those who have never experienced any type of moving anxiety it might be hard to understand exactly how debilitating this disorder can be. For those of us who have been even slightly anxious about moving to a new location – and that includes most of us – it is easier to understand how a disorder such as tropophobia can be so debilitating. Some people live in the same state, the same town, even the same house their entire life and never think about or have the need to even consider moving to a new location. That is fine. But some of us are trapped in the same house, the same town, the same state, for years or even a lifetime because of this fear.

Trying to explain the thoughts and feelings of those who suffer from this condition is very difficult for many people to understand and suffering from tropophobia can sometimes result in the loss of job opportunities or advancements or even loss of a career. The first step to overcoming this disorder is detecting it which is not always easy. Many people experience some degree of anxiety when they are about to move especially during these times.

However, tropophobia can be treated; it can be overcome. One way to overcome this fear is to choose a home that is as close to your old home as possible in design, layout, etc. A second way to overcome this fear is to hang your favorite pictures and photos on the walls, put your most treasured pieces of art, decorations, collectibles, and other cherished possessions in visible places and to surround yourself with beloved items.moving

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