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Creating a beautiful, sprawling garden is a significant investment of time and money. In fact, it’s just as much of an investment as one would make in any other part of the home. Thus, you should seriously think about how you will take your garden with you when you move. Read on to find the best way to move your garden in a way that the fruits of your labor will live on.


Consider which plants you want to take with you.

It probably won’t be possible for you to move your entire garden, so you should carefully think about which plants you do want to take with you. Remember also that you can take cuttings and seeds with you rather than entire plants which. This will spare you from having to transport mature plants that may be damaged in transit.

Make sure the soil conditions and climate are the same.


You will need to confirm that the area that you moving to has the same soil and climate conditions otherwise you may end up dooming your plants to ill health or even death. If you are moving nearby, then this may not be a huge problem.

Prune and tidy your trees and shrubs.


The trees and shrubs you do intend to take with you should be pruned of dead leaves and growth before moving. This will make your plants healthier and more likely to survive the journey.

Dig a wide swath around your plants.

You do not want to harm the root system for the plants you are about to transport. This would defeat the entire purpose of taking your plants with you as you move. Therefore, you should dig a wide area around your plants before you uproot and begin to pack them.garden

Pack your plants carefully:

To give your plants the best chance for survival, place them in plastic containers of appropriate sizes and use rods to fasten the stems of taller plants together. This will keep them from breaking during transportation. Wrap smaller plants in plastic or paper bags and transport them in your own vehicle.

Check after replanting your garden.

Aftercare for your plants is just as important as moving them in the first place. After you have replanted your garden, check your plants daily for the first couple of weeks. Be sure to act quickly if you see any signs of trouble.

For someone who does not love plants and growing things, this may all seem a big strange. But some people invest a great deal of time and money in their gardens and do not wish to part with them completely when they move. Follow the above tips and you will be sparing your plants from a very stressful event and you will also be taking with you to your new home a reminder of your old place. For more advice from one of the best moving companies Los Angeles, follow our blog and explore our site. Our Westlake Village storage company is ready to make your next move easier.