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Packing a flat-screen TVs can be a bit complicated and confusing not to mention nerve wracking. After all, you are putting a very expensive item at risk when you are preparing to relocate it along with the rest of your possessions. You want to protect it as well as you can to avoid any accidents that may render the unit useless. So, before you pull your hair out, read on. We’ll give you detailed tips and tricks on how to pack and move a flat-screen.

  • Use the original TV box: First, you should find and use the original box that came with your flat screen TV. This will spare you from having to search for a TV specific moving box. Next, it will likely contain Styrofoam and be sturdy. Finally, using the moving box that came with your TV will ensure that the container you are wrapping your TV in is the correct size. Hopefully, you will not have thrown it away after purchase.
  • Assemble the right supplies: Next, you will need to gather together the right moving supplies. These supplies include but are not limited to packing tape, twist-ties, packing paper, foam wrap and bubble wrap.
  • Unplug all accessories and cords: Unplug the cords in an organized manner, label them and wrap them with ties to protect and keep them all together. flat screen
  • Use blankets to wrap the TV screen: This is to avoid scratching or otherwise damaging the screen.
  • Have the movers secure the TV inside the moving truck: Our Pasadena moving company has experience moving fragile and expensive items such as wide screen TVs. Doing it yourself can be a very costly decision.
  • Unpack the TV with care: Once you have arrived at your destination our movers will provide the same care to your TV that they did when hauling and securing your unit. Once the TV is in your new home, we advise that you carefully prepare an area for it and that you unpack it very slowly.

TVs are a staple in most homes. They provide us with a diversion from life’s problems. Make sure you keep yours in good condition by taking the time to pack and move it properly. Our moving company in Agoura Hills can help by providing you with top line service. Good luck on moving day!