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One thing that is often overlooked during the chaos that is involved in moving is floor protection. Floors can be scratched, carpets can be torn and soiled during a move and all this can complicate your move considerably. It can, for example, make it harder for you to get your deposit back if you are moving from an apartment. Damaging the flooring of your new home can also take away from its look and its value. To help prevent this, here are 6 rock solid floor protection tips to help you keep your floors and carpets safe when moving house.

  • Use furniture blankets: The use of thick furniture blankets can help protect your floor from damage when you are moving kitchen appliances, or any other heavy items.
  • Use furniture sliders: Another way to make moving heavier items easier while protecting your flooring is to use furniture sliders. High-quality sliders are made of strong plastic and hard rubber and are especially effective at protecting hardware floors which are susceptible to scratches.
  • Use shoe booties: They may look rather silly but shoe booties are both comfortable and reliable. More importantly, they can protect all kinds of flooring from water and dirt. This is why so many home service personnel wear them.
  • Use floor runners: Use floor runners or area rugs to protect wood flooring, especially in high traffic areas. Moving quality floor runners can typically be found at packaging supply warehouses and from online retailers. Floor runners often come in 200′ rolls and have a self adhesive to prevent slippage. Alternatives, such as Red Rosin Paper, can be a good yet cheap alternative to traditional floor runners and are found in local home improvement stores.
  • Use a dolly with rubber wheels: Use a dolly with soft rubber wheels. These will not cause any damage to your floors. However, be sure that the tires of your dolly are clean.carpet

In short, the more cautious you are the less chance there will be that you will damage the flooring beneath you. Additionally, you will be able to avoid some of the chaos of moving and also save time and money. Our Beverly Hills moving company can meet your relocation and storage needs as we are one of the top companies in the area. We also offer designers delivery service in Los Angeles.