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Moving to a new home is a life-changingnew house experience no matter how far the
distance may be. As your local movers in Burbank we are here to help make the
transition as smooth as possible for you and your family. While we can help take
care of everything leading up to and during your move, there are still many things
that you will want to consider after your move. Below is a list of several things that
you will want to plan ahead for during your move process.
 Learn Your Homes Secrets: Every home has things that you will never
know until you live there. There are slight imperfections throughout every
home and you will want to learn all of the ones in your new home.
 Plan How You Want To Live In Your Home: Coupled with all the
imperfections of each individual home you will want to plan how you will live
in your home. This will allow you to make a strategy of how to unpack all of
your boxes. Figure out your drop station for the day-to-day items such as
keys, bags, coats, etc. You will thank yourself later when you have a solid
organization system set-up.
 Address Change: Don’t forget to change your address with all the applicable
parties including credit card companies and notify friends and family of your
new address.
 Register Schools, Health Care, Vehicles: Depending on how far your move
is will dictate how much of this you will need to accomplish. If your kids are
moving schools you will want to register them ahead of time, plan
accordingly with all new doctors, dentists, etc. as well as register your vehicle
in your new state if applicable.
 Pets: Remember that your pets are moving to a new home as well and they
don’t understand how or why. Try to be sensitive to allowing them to slowly
adjust to their new space.
As your trusted movers in Burbank we look forward to making your move as
easy as possible.