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There are many, many decisions involved in relocating to a new home. And while some of these decisions are more impactful than others, a very important one is which moving company you will hire among the many that are out there. To help you navigate the sometimes difficult waters of the moving industry, we’ve assembled 5 more questions you should ask every company you might end up hiring.

Are you properly licensed? Unfortunately, there are many schemers and scammers in this industry. The best way to avoid companies that will saddle you with unfair prices, unsafe services, and even fraudulent business practices, is to check to see if they are properly licensed.  All professional interstate moving companies should have a license number issued to them by the United States Department of Transportation.

Can you give me references of satisfied customers? As most business owners know, satisfied customers are like gold. Satisfied customers are usually all too eager to give a company a good reference and reputable moving companies should happily provide you with references from these past customers on demand.

How do you determine the cost of the move? You should ask moving companies you are considering, about their cost structure and how they calculate the cost of moving your possessions. After all, not every move will cost the same. 

Does your company provide a binding estimate? Disreputable moving companies will often quote potential customers a low price and then change it at the last moment to a much higher one. In fact, some companies are notorious for doing this. Since you need to have a specific price in mind so that you can budget your move, you should always ask a company for this figure.

How does this company handle loss and damage claims? Before you can get reimbursed for damaged or lost belongings, you will need to contact your mover and go through its claims process. Even before you do this you should contact the moving company you are considering to ask them how they will handle property loss and damage claims. Knowing this will give you greater peace of mind as you plan your move. 

We hope this information will help you make the best decision when it comes to hiring a moving company. Our massive, storage controlled facility can safely house your most precious belongings in an environment that is always pleasant. Our Calabasas moving and storage also has designer moving services as one the top relocation companies in Los Angeles.