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As a local relocation company Los Angeles, we are lucky enough to experience mild
winters. While snowstorms and hurricanes are not on the forecast in Los Angeles, there is a
chance of rain during the winter months. If rain is likely forecast for your moving day, there are
a few things you will want to do to prepare. You want to be overly prepared for rain during your
move rather than underprepared.
Have a change of clothes handy, you will thank yourself later. You will likely be in and
out of your home many times on moving day. Not every time will allow for the use of an
umbrella, and you may get a bit wetter than you would like. Having a change of clothes handy
will be useful after the moving process is done. Other things to have on hand consist of rain
boots, umbrellas, hats, and don’t forget plenty of towels. Towels will be helpful for many
reasons such as using them as door mats, to wipe items down, to even hold over your head if
necessary. You can never have too many towels on hand while moving in the rain. Use other
resources on hand to your advantage such as utilizing your moving boxes. Place some of themoving truckboxes down to help cover your flooring to act as a protective barrier for high traffic areas.
Other things to consider are tossing clothes into trash bags and wrapping art in plastic
wrap. As your relocation company Los Angeles, we have prepared for many rain storms over
the years. We are here to support every step of your move. If you decide you need further
assistance for your move than originally anticipated, please do not hesitate to reach out to our