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Many people decide to pack their own moving boxes. Whether it is to save money, or
they simply prefer to handle their items themselves it is a personal decision. If you decide tomoving boxes
pack your own moving boxes, there are several tips and tricks that you will want to take into
consideration. As your local Thousand Oaks moving and storage company, we have seen many
mistakes and disasters happen with incorrectly packaged moving boxes.
1. Getting the wrong size boxes: You want to make sure that you get a wide assortment of
sizes when you pick up your moving boxes. Large boxes are great for light and bulky
items such as pillows and blankets. Smaller boxes should be used for heavier items such
as books.
2. Not purging: Many people will just pack up all of their belongings without purging
anything at all. This is a huge missed opportunity because not only will unwanted items
take up valuable space but it’s a great time to go through all of your things that would
otherwise sit in the closet.
3. Carelessly setting up boxes: Make sure that you accurately set up all of your moving
boxes. Tape carefully in appropriate places so that your boxes are secure. A simple
mistake here could cost you your valuables.
4. Not sealing liquids: Make sure that you properly seal any liquids that you must take
with you. If you can try to avoid taking any liquids with you whatsoever.
5. Overstuffing: Try not to overstuff boxes as they can pop open during the move.
6. Not labeling: Labeling your boxes is important because it will save you a significant
amount of time when you go to move into your new home when it comes time to
As a professional Thousand Oaks moving and storage company, we would be happy to help
you back all of your boxes.