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The long-awaited day has finally arrived – Moving Day! Moving day is a big day. You
have likely planned every detail of this day for months or longer. Moving into your new space is
likely a bittersweet moment as you say goodbye to your existing home and prepare for your
next adventure. Not only is moving day a big day emotionally but it is a big day logistically as
well. You may even find that you are in need of Beverly Hills storage at the last minute. Here at
Russell’s Moving and Storage we are here to make sure that every step omovingf moving day runs
smoothly and stress free. Below are some of the things to consider and plan for on moving day.
 You or someone you trust is present and available the day of: There will be questions
and decisions to be made on the big day. Make sure that you or someone you trust to
make decisions is available to assist on the day of.
 Clear a path: Make sure that the path from the moving truck to your home is clear for
the movers to pass in and out. You want to make sure that they have a safe entrance so
that they stay safe, and your belongings stay safe.
 Initial and final walk through: When your movers arrive prepare to do an initial walk
through of your home and review your expectations. You will also want to do a final
walk through at the end of moving day to ensure all belongings are removed or not
removed as previously discussed. If you determine that you need Beverly Hills storage
last minute, Russell’s Moving team is here to support you.
 Keep kids and pets away: While kids and pets are wonderful, they can pose many issues
while present on moving day. It is best to help keep everyone safe if young children and
pets are out of the way so that the movers are free to work.