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Many families are forced to relocate during the holidays. If you find yourself needing to
move this upcoming holiday season you are not alone. As your trusted Beverly Hills Moving
and Storage provider, we understand how hectic it can be to move at all let alone during the
holidays. We have put together a few tips to help make moving during the holidays as easy as
possible. See below for a few tips from our Beverly Hills Moving and Storage provider.
 Plan holiday gatherings away from the home: It is best if you are not the main host this
year. Try to enlist the help of close family and friends to be the gathering location this
year. While you can always help host, it will make your life a lot easier to not have to
plan, coordinate, decorate, and clean in addition to moving.
 Pack little by little to avoid burnout: In addition to all things moving, you will still have
all the gift giving and events that take place during the holiday season. By packing little
by little every day it will add up to big changes in the long-term. It will also help you to
prevent feeling overwhelmed at the very end.
 Leave out special décor: This will not be the year you win any awards for your amazing
decorating skills. However, you may want to consider still bringing out a few sentimental
pieces so that your home is still filled with holiday cheer.
 Plan for unexpected expenses: Moving is often full of many unexpected expenses.
While you are making your holiday budget you will want to plan accordingly for any
unexpected moving expenses. This will help prevent any budget mishaps as you get
further into the process.
 Watch for Black Friday sales: It is likely many of your packing supplies or things you
need for your new home will be on sale during Black Friday.holidays