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When it comes to moving there are expenses that you expect. For example, the cost of
packing supplies when it comes to boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. You also likely expect the cost
of transporting pets, vehicles, or any other unusual item that might need special
accommodations. However, there are many other expenses that you are sure to incur that you
will need to be ready for. As your experienced Pasadena moving and storage professionals, we
have compiled a list of lesser-known expenses.
 Association Fees: If you are selling a property that is part of an HOA there are fees
associated with the transfer of the property. The fees usually range within $300-$500
dollars and involve the purchasing of all the promovingper documents to be printed and sent to
the new homeowners.
 Professional Cleaning: If you are renting a property, you will likely be required to pay for
professional cleaning upon vacating. Similarly, if you are purchasing a new home, you
may feel more comfortable moving in after hiring professional cleaners to come and
disinfect the property prior to moving day.
 Painting: Paint is a common item to have to touch up prior to selling or vacating a rental
property. You may also want to consider any painting projects you are doing on your
new property and consider having them completed prior to moving in as it makes things
a lot easier.
 Utilities: When setting up new utilities most providers require transfer fees and
deposits, particularly if you have never done business with their company before.
 Lawn Care: If you do not already own a lawn mower there will be necessary one-time
fees in order to properly care for a new lawn. You will also want to take into
consideration a watering schedule and if you need professional gardening help.
If you have any questions about additional moving fees you may incur, please feel free to
ask our professional Pasadena moving and storage company. We are always here to help.