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As your trusted Westlake Village moving company, we have helped countless seniors in
the community relocate. Whether you are looking to downsize, move to a retirementstorage
community, move to a 55+ community, or simply relocate to a new area, our team is here to
support you every step of the way. At this point in your life there are different needs you will
have from a moving company and we understand just how to help. Russell’s team has the
experience you need to support every step of your move. See below for a few simple steps to
help ease the moving process for seniors.
 Save what matters: As you continue through the moving process try and declutter as
much as possible. You want to only take the items with you that matter the most. This is
the best time to toss and/or donate what you can. There is no need to relocate a ton of
items that you no longer care about. Give yourself adequate time to go through all of
your belongings as this can take a significant amount of time.
 Hire movers you trust: There may have been a point in your life where you would
relocate yourself, now is not that time. As a senior citizen you will have a more difficult
time relocating heavier boxes and there is simply no need to put your body at risk. Hire
movers you trust to relocate your belongings safely and securely.
 Inform family: Make sure that you update your close family members on your decision
on where, how, and when you are relocating. It is important that people you know and
love are looped in on the process should you need last minute assistance.
 Familiarize yourself with the area: If you are moving to a new location, it is important
that you begin to familiarize yourself with your new area as soon as you possibly can.