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Moving is an overwhelming process for anyone but can be extremely cumbersome for
the elderly. Luckily, our full service moving Los Angeles company is here to help. Russell’s
Moving and Storage is happy to support your moving needs every step of the way. We
understand that you may not be able to fully handle each part of your move yourself,
particularly in later years of life, and we are here to help. Below are a few helpful tips when
considering moving for those who are a bit older.
 Prepare Ahead: Preparing ahead can help anyone who is planning an upcoming move,
but is particularly helpful for the elderly. Preparing ahead will take away from of the
stress when it comes to packing up a home you may have been in for awhile and allow
you the proper time to declutter.
 Inform Family: Informing family members of your decision to move is important. You
will likely need their assistance and you certainly need their support. You want to make
sure that those you care about are aware of this major life decision.
 Pick A Community That Matches Your Lifestyle: There are a variety of communities youmoving
could potentially move to whether they are local or far away. You want to consider what
is more important to you in your more recent lifestyle and make sure that your new
community supports those things.
 Visit The Area To Familiarize Yourself: Once you have selected a community it is helpful
if you visit several times. You will want to familiarize yourself with your new community
so that it starts to feel like home.
If you need assistance from our full service moving Los Angeles company our team is here
to support you every step of the way. From packing, relocating, to unpacking we are here to