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Moving into your first home is a big milestone. With owning your first home comes
significantly more responsibility. As your local Pasadena moving and storage company, we
know what we are talking about. Homeownership comes with needing to properly maintain
your new investment. You will need to pay attention to certain aspects of your home that
you previously did not have to worry about. Make sure you notice your homes heating,
cooling, plumbing, and all general maintenance items.
Try and speak with someone more experienced in home ownership to learn all of the
valuable annual tasks that you will need to take care of. For example, make sure that you
change all of your air vent filters every few months, more if you live in a heavy construction
area. You want to make sure that you also set up the proper home insurance. You have a lot
more to lose now that you are a homeowner. The bottom line is you never know what can
happen, so you need to make sure that you are properly insured. As your local Pasadena
moving and storage provider, we encourage you to set-up a change of address card as well.
Many people wait until the last minute to take care of this and things get lost in the mail.
While it is so exciting to have your first home with more space, privacy, and outdoor
areas than you previously had in an apartment make sure that you plan your move
appropriately. This involves planning ahead and staying organized. There will be many must
have shopping list items such as cleaning supplies, trash cans, etc. These are items you don’t
realize you don’t have until they are not there. As always Russell’s is here to support you
every step of every move.moving company