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As your professional movers in Burbank, we know that summer is a very popular time
for families to relocate. There are a variety of reasons why this is considered the busy season
when it comes to moving. The most important thing to remember is that if you are in fact
moving during the busy season you will want to plan ahead far in advance as movers in Burbank
book up quickly. Particularly with COVID delays, supply shortages, and staffing difficulties you
want to make sure that you plan ahead. Russell’s Moving is always here to support all of your
moving needs from long-distances to storage needs, we just want to make sure that you give us
ample time to help prepare for your move. Below are some of the top reasons that families
relocate during the summer months.
 Kids out of school: This is the top reason that families relocate during the summer. Most
families do not want to pull their kids out of school if they can help it. Obviously,
sometimes it is not possible to wait until summer to relocate, but if possible, families
prefer to wait until summer to ease the transition for their school-aged children.
 Great weather: Weather accommodations are not as difficult being in Southern
California. However, if you are moving out of state you will want to consider the
weather of your new state. Typically, summer is an ideal time for moving for states that
receive significant weather throughout the year.
 More homes for sale: There is more inventory of homes available during the summer
than any other time of the year historically speaking. This allows buyers ample
opportunity to find their perfect dream home.
 Social season: During the summer many families are participating in block parties and
barbeques. This is an ideal time to meet your new neighbors and make your new
neighborhood feel like home.
 Likely relaxed work schedule: Depending on your line of work many offices relax their
work schedules during the summer. This allows for family vacations and whatnot
making it an easier time to uproot your family.