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As your professional moving company Agoura Hills, we are very familiar with all the
mistakes that can be made when moving. Russell’s Moving is always here to support you during
every step of the process to help you avoid these mistakes. Moving is already stressful enough
there is no need to make careless mistakes and make the process more stressful than it needs
to be. See below for things to avoid when moving.
 Not making a plan: A beginner’s mistake when it comes to moving is not making a
concrete plan. The more well organized you start off the beginning of the process, the
easier your move will go. There are so many moving pieces to a move that it helps to
start off with a precise plan.
 Waiting until the last minute to pack: The minute you make concrete plans to move is
when you should start packing items that you rarely use. At the end of the moving
process, you will find that you always have more belongings than you realize. The
sooner you get to packing the easier it will be.
 Hoarding items: Moving is an excellent time to purge. As your local moving company
Agoura Hills, we strongly advise you to discard as many items as possible. If you haven’t
used the item in a long time or plan to replace it, we strongly encourage you to toss it
before moving. You will thank yourself later.
 Not setting a budget: Make a list of all expenses to anticipate and an approximate
budget for each item. This will help you stick to an overall budget.
 Forgetting about neighbors: As you coordinate all of your plans for moving make sure
you take into account both your new and old neighbors. It is nice to plan accordingly so
you are never blocking someone’s driveway or causing loud noises at unfriendly hours.russells