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Since the onset of COVID19 so many employees have switched to remote work
indefinitely. This has allowed many families to reevaluate where they live and decide to move if
they feel their lifestyle is better suited elsewhere. As the best moving and storage Los Angeles
has to offer, we have helped countless families relocate out of state. We understand how hectic
any move can be, but an out of state move can take things to a whole new level. Below is a
simple checklist of things to consider when relocating out of state that you might find helpful.
 Make sure your movers have experience out of state: As the best moving and storage
Los Angeles company, we have all the experience and expertise you need in order to
have a smooth transition out of state. Many companies that have not experienced out
of state movies do not understand what they are about to undergo, and you will notice
many hiccups along the way.
 Set a budget: Make sure you set a budget for your entire move and stick to it. Moving
out of state, especially right now, can become quite costly. In order to help yourself stay
on track, set your max budget and then plan around it.
 Inventory: Inventory all of your important items yourself as well as with your moving
 Toss: Moving is an excellent time to get rid of items that you no longer use or need. Toss
as much as you can before you pack.
 Important Files: Depending on how long you will be in transition you will want to keep
track of your important files including your medical records, veterinary records, child
school records, passports, etc.
 Change address and utilities: As with any move you will want to set-up a change of
address and get all of your utilities in order.
If you are considering an out of state move, Russell’s Moving and Storage is here to support
you every step of the way.moving