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Are you moving this holiday season? Moving during the holidays can be an
extremely stressful time, add a global pandemic on the top of that and you could
possibly have the recipe for a disaster. However, as your local Los Angeles moving
and storage professional team we are here to help you through every step of the
way. We understand how difficult moving during these times can be and we want to
help take away as much stress as possible. Below are a few ways to help ease the
burden of moving during the holidays.
1. Timing: If you close on your current home or new home near the big day you
will want to negotiate a rent back situation. Allowing yourself at least a week
or two before or after the holidays can mean the world during such a
sensitive time.
2. Gifts: Try to only fully open presents that are completely necessary. If you
can leave gifts in their original packaging it will be that much easier to
transport to your new home. This will also help to keep your new gifts as safe
as possible.
3. Weather: While the weather is unpredictable this time of year, luckily Los
Angeles is known for its mild temperatures year round. That being said, we
have been receiving a decent amount of rain recently and want to ensure we
offer enough time to keep everyone safe.
4. Budget: We are proud to offer complimentary in-person quotes that you can
rely on. During the holiday season budgeting is twice as important as usual
and we want to be sensitive to that. As your trusted Los Angeles moving and
storage team we are here to help keep you on time and on budget.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding an upcoming move this
holiday season we would be happy to help.