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As an experienced Beverly Hills storage provider, we understand how stressful moving
can be. Many of our clients don’t realize until the last minute that they even need Beverly Hills
storage. The greatest gift you can give yourself while moving is the gift of time. Plan ahead and
stay as organized as possible. Below is a general moving timeline guide that can help you get
Roughly two months before your move you should plan to hire your movers. Here at
Russell’s Moving and Storage we book up quickly and want to make sure we can properly meet
all the demands of your move. This is also an easy thing to check of your to-do list and know
that we have you taken care of. Once you have your movers secured you will want to start
packing up your lesser used items. Ideally you will have this all completed 6 weeks prior to your
move. You want to pack up holiday items, extra blankets, etc. all the items that you do not use
on a day-to-day basis. At this point you can now plan a great yard sale or start selling off your
items online. The internet is a great virtual yard sale that allows you to sell things off one by
If you are selling your home, you will want to have all your final repairs taken care of
roughly 3 weeks before your move out date. Simultaneously, on the home you are purchasing
you will want to make sure that any repairs you are having completed there are taken care of a
few weeks prior to move in in case there are any issues or concerns. Finally, you want to make
sure that you cancel your subscriptions, set-up mail forwards, and make all your travel plans
and arrangements about 1-2 weeks prior to your move.moving truck