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If you have any kind of exotic pet, you may be concerned about how to relocate them.
Most animals are easily frightened when out of their comfort zones because they don’t
understand how or why the changes are occurring. As your local Beverly Hills moving company,
we see this time and time again. Below is a list of a few ways you can help ease the burden of
moving on your unique pet.
1. Moving Birds: Birds are easily stressed. Transfer them to a transportable cage that you
can easily carry. Place a ventilated cover over them to help reduce their stress levels.
Make sure you still offer food and water.
2. Moving Fish: It is best to stop feeding your first about 24 hours prior to their relocation.
This will help to lessen the mess during their transfer. Make sure you wait until you are
ready to go and then transfer your fish into a thick or double plastic bag. It is best to
keep just one fish per transfer bag. Save what you can of their tank water to transfer to
their new home to help them acclimate.
3. Moving Reptiles & Amphibians: These cold-blooded creatures need special
accommodations. You will need to make sure that you have a way to regulate their body
temperature throughout the move particularly for snakes and lizards. If any of your
reptiles or amphibians are venomous you will want to label this on your box in case
anyone comes in contact with them through the process.
4. Nocturnal Animals: You likely will not be moving during the night so you will want to
transfer your nocturnal animal to a dark ventilated box to help them maintain as much
normalcy as possible.
If you need help form a Beverly Hills moving company, we would be happy to help with any
part of the process. Keep in mind that we also offer storage should the need arise.

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