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Relocating your wine and liquor can be stressful, particularly if you have a large and
special collection. As your Beverly Hills storage center, we understand how careful you need to
be to properly relocate wine and liquor. Not only is wine extremely fragile but it is also
susceptible to temperature regulations. You want to make sure that you keep your wine at the
proper storage temperatures so that it does not go bad while travelingpacking to its new home. See
below for a few tips on how to properly transport your wine or liquor collection to your new
 Check Inventory: Go through your existing collection and inspect each bottle. Make
sure that you make a list of all of the pieces that are going to be making the journey
with you. If some bottles or corks are damaged, we highly discourage you from
transporting those bottles and it may be time to part with them.
 Get the Right Supplies: Large wine cases are some of the most practical and safe boxes
to relocate wine and liquor. These boxes typically have dividers in each section to
separate bottles so that they do not hit each other.
 Secure Bottom of Boxes: Your wine boxes will likely get heavy very quickly. Make sure
that you reinforce the bottom of your boxes so that nothing falls through. Be careful
when lifting these boxes just in case.
 Wrap Each Bottle: Wrapping each bottle as an extra precaution is helpful. Get thick
tissue paper or newspaper and wrap each bottle so that it is secure in its section of the
box. As your local Beverly Hills storage center, we highly encourage the individual
wrapping of each bottle.