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As an experienced Westlake Village moving company we have seen countless families
move with pets. They are a member of your family and if it comes time to move they move with
you. The thing about moving with pets is that they do not understand the process or what is
happening and why. It can be an extremely stressful time for your pet and we have a few tips
that can help make the process easier for them. See below for things to consider when moving
with your dog or cat.
1. Prepare: Plan ahead of time and obtain your dog or cat’s medical records. You will want
these on hand to share with your new vet if you are moving out of the area. You should
also refill prescriptions so you do not have to worry about it for a while and prepare any
bedding for the car if they will be traveling to your new home by vehicle.
2. Pack essentials: Make sure you pack enough food, toys, water, travel water bowls,
leash, collar, etc. You don’t want your furry family members to be an after through in
the hustle and bustle that is moving.
3. Carriers: Consider how you will be moving and plan accordingly. If you will be traveling
by plane you will need appropriate carriers. Even if you are not traveling by plane you
may need a dog crate or cat carrier in order to help keep them safe during various
points of travel.
4. Safety and comfort: Remember that this is an extremely stressful time for your pet and
try to be sympathetic to that by giving them lots of love. As an experienced Westlake
Village moving company, we advise checking with your vet if anti-anxiety medication is a
good fit for your dog or cat during the moving process.pet