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As your local Thousand Oaks moving and storage company, we greatly understand the
importance of organizing after a move. Getting situated in your new space is a top priority after
a move. It is important to start making your new space feel like a home as soon as you move in.
No one likes to live in limbo for longer than they have to. Below are a few suggestions and tips
on how to help organize your new space.
1. Essentials first: As you begin to unpack you should always start with the essentials.
Unpack the immediate need items such as toiletries and clothes that you will wear
immediately as well as a few necessary kitchen items. This will help prevent you from
getting overwhelmed with too many things out at once.
2. Clean first: Clean the entirety of your home before you unpack too many items. It is
much easier to clean an empty space before you get too settled in.
3. Decide how you will use each room: Before you place boxes everywhere it is important
to think about how you will use each room in your home. Ideally you will decide on this
prior to move in day so that you can instruct your movers on where to put things. Put
some thought into how your family functions as you decide what you will use each room
4. Put things in the correct room: Once you know how you will use each room it becomes
easy to put things into their correct room. This is a great start to organizing if everything
is at least in the right space.
5. Purge as you go: As your local Thousand Oaks moving and storage company, we highly
recommend tossing things out as you go. If you open a box and decide items are no
longer necessary in your new space it is best to get rid of them ASAP to avoid
unnecessary clutter.moving in