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Moving is the perfect time to take advantage of a clean slate. It is quite
common for boxes and years worth of junk to accumulate in your garage. If you
work to prevent this from day one you are most likely to have success in organizing
your garage! As one of the best Calabasas moving and storage companies we are
well versed in how quickly a garage can fill up if not organized properly. Below are a
few techniques to help you organize from day one and keep it organized the entiregarage
time you live there.
1. Categorize: Make sure you take full opportunity of the fact that your current
garage is empty. Move any cars out of the driveway and spread all of your
items out on the driveway. This will allow you to create a variety of
categories to put things in such as: decorations, clothing, tools, garden, etc.
Once you have categorized everything it will allow you to purge the items
you no longer need and to prioritize what is most important.
2. Product: Now that you can easily see the things you want to keep it is time to
purchase product to organize these belongings with. Various storage items
exist specifically designed for garage spaces. As a Calabasas moving and
storage company we have seen many different options available! Make sure
you measure your space to purchase the proper storage items designed for
your space. Clear bins are particularly helpful in allowing you to see what
you have stored and don’t forget to label!
3. Vertical Space: Utilize all of your vertical space within your garage.
Purchasing overhead racks and using hooks for wall space is a great way to
accommodate a lot of items in a small space.
If you have any questions about your specific moving and storage needs we
would love to chat with you further.