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Your garage is an easy catchall for your boxes and miscellaneous items as you move into your new home. Many people will leave boxes in the garage untouched for years after moving in. As a premiere Pasadena moving and storage company, we encourage our clients to utilize their space well from day one. By starting early on you are more likely to toss things you no longer need and finally unpack all the boxes. Below are a few steps to help you get started in organizing your new garage.

  1. Unpack Everything: Unpacking all the boxes allows you to see what you have. You should start piles of toss, keep, and sell. Hopefully you have done this prior to moving but many people still move with an abundance of items that they no loner need once they arrive. 
  2. Categorize: Once you have your items in your “keep” pile you need to categorize them. Place all like items together. 
  3. Containers: Now that you see which items you actually intend on keeping and how many categories you have, you are able to purchase appropriate storage containers. Purchasing all “like” containers allows you to beautify and simplify your space. Be sure to label all yohouseur new containers so that when you go to put these items away again you know exactly where they belong. This allows you to keep a system in place that actually functions.
  4. Utilize Wall Hooks And Vertical Space: If you are limited on storage space in your garage consider looking up! Roof racks and wall hooks are a great way to store items.

Russell’s Moving is here to support all of your Pasadena moving and storage company needs. We always offer complimentary consultations and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to make your next move as easy as possible!