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As your local Thousand Oaks moving and storage company, we know how
overwhelming the moving process can be. Some people thrive on making an abundance of lists
in advance and being able to check things off as they go. For most people having these
advanced planning steps are truly helpful. For others, the thought of even creating a to-do list
when it comes to moving is overwhelming. As your local Thousand Oaks moving and storage
company our biggest piece of advice is to just dive right on in. If you feel yourself getting hung
up on the details of moving and letting it prevent you from moving forward, we suggest just
getting started. Sometimes its most helpful to just dive right on in.
Sometimes getting started is more important than getting started in an organized
manner. Not everyone has the time or mental capacity to thoroughly prepare for a move in
advance. Try and clear away items that you don’t need as you continue through your packing
process. While this can be helpful to do all up front it is equally as beneficial long-term if you
declutter as you go. Try to donate items as well as toss other items. As you continue packing
you will start to realize what packing materials are necessary. For example, you will notice the
number of breakable items you have or how many additional boxes you need.
Work on breaking down your move into realistic and achievable chunks. You can tell
yourself, “I am going to pack up just this bathroom today.” As your time permits try to continue
setting these achievable goals daily. If you decide you need further assistance, remember
Russell’s team is here to support every step of your move. From packing, or moving, to storage
our dedicated team is here to help you with every step.moving