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Packing clothes can seem like one of the easiest and most basic tasks when it comes to
moving. However, since most people have an abundance of clothes it can be a little tricky as
you get going. If you find that you need storage Agoura Hills as you go through the moving
process, Russell’s team is here to support you every step of the way. See below for helpful tips
when it comes to packing up all of your family’s clothing.
 Keep, Trash, Donate: To start it is helpful if you give yourself plenty of time to go
through all of your clothing so that you don’t lug around clothes you plan to never wear
again. It is the perfect time to decide if you want to keep certain things or donate
others. Try and trash items that are too old or have holes in them.
 Sort: Sort your items either by what they are or by season. For example, if you are
moving in the winter, you can likely pack up all of your summer clothes. Packing by
season is most helpful when it comes to moving.
 Supplies: Once you have sorted all of your items you can gain a better understanding of
what supplies you need to package everything up. Wardrobe boxes are great for more
sensitive items that can be kept on hangers. Vacuum bags are an excellent option for
bulky items that you do not need immediate access to. Remember that you can also fill
suitcases with clothing and fit in breakable items in between.
 Trash Bags: Remember that trash bags can be great filler items in the car or as a last
resort. Many people do not pick up enough packing supplies and are left last minute
with items to pack up before the movers arrive. Trash bags are great options when it
comes to soft clothing items. If you end up left with too many items and need storage
Agoura Hills, Russell’s is here to help!