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A fridge is a large investment. You have put a lot of time and energy into selecting the right fridge for your home and you do not want to leave it behind when you move. You are not alone in feeling this way. Many homeowners feel frustrated in their decisions to leave behind large items such as appliances. However, here at Russell’s Moving and Storage we are well versed in moving large items such as a fridge of any size. As your premiere Thousand Oaks moving and storage company, below are a few tips to help get your fridge ready for a big move. 

  1. Empty everything out: Getting rid of everything in your fridge as early as possible is a great first step. If you are able to live without, use a different fridge or a cooler temporarily this is a great option. Emptying out the fridge allows you to de-clutter and purge but it also allows you to clean the entire fridge. You want to make sure that your fridge is very clean prior to moving so that smells do not grow after it has been unplugged. 
  2. Defrost: Depending on the type of fridge/freezer combo that you have, some will need to be defrosted prior to moving. So that water does not leak everywhere you will want to defrost several days before moving.
  3. Upright position: It is important to always keep your fridge in an upright position to prevent anypackingdamage. Our professional team will always keep your fridge upright but if you do any shifting yourself prior to our arrival please remember to keep it upright!

As a top rated Thousand Oaks moving and storage company we always provide complimentary consultations. We will come to your home and evaluate your inventory and discuss any specific needs that you may have regarding your move. If you have any questions at that time regarding your fridge, other large appliances, or any questions in general we would be happy to help. We look forward to helping make your move as easy as possible.